Dragonball: Chaos (Pre-Season) Test Server

by Anstey93
Dragonball: Chaos (Pre-Season) Test Server
Fun gameplay, less AFK more action and constant updates! https://discord.gg/FjPrwvhhq7


Welcome, we're back by demand! WE ARE RUNNING A TEST SERVER, NO P-WIPE TILL TEST SERVER IS OVER IN A FEW MONTHS! Join Our Discord to stay up to date! https://discord.gg/FjPrwvhhq7

Chaos Administration Team

Owner - Supreme_Sparkz01 (Sparkz)
Co-Owner - Ken
Admin - Zeop
Mod - Tenshi
Mod - Sponge
Mod - Andrew
Mod - Josreaper
Mod - Discord Mod/Team

-Currently in the beginning phase of the game.-

0. Have Fun, Good Luck
1. Respect all players and enforcers.
2. Report glitches to staff, don't take advantage.
3. No excessive spamming of uppercase letters.
4. Enjoy the Dragonball experience!

Anstey93 The MAN was here