by Azone
A ninja based RPG featuring four occupations, twenty four clans, and over a hundred jusu to master.
Current Villages(Leaf, Sand, Mist, Rock, Cloud, Sound)
Each village obtains funds through taxes on, hospital bills, missions, and shop purchases of ninja within the village. These funds can be spent by the village Kage on upgrades for the village. Current upgrades include;

Upgrade Village Hospital: Decrease hospital bribes or delays.

Upgrade Village Shop: Increase the variety of items sold within your village.

Decrease Jutsu Delay: Decrease the delay between learning jutsu for your village.

Increased Missions Per year: Increase the amount of missions your village offers every IG-year.

Master your occupation and aid your village with your unique combination of skills. Occupations include; Sealing Nin, Sensory Nin, Medical Nin, and Shinobi each with four majors.
Tags: Naruto, anime, original, ninja, rpg