Classic Tron BYOND Edition

by Bandock
A classic game making its reappearance as a BYOND edition.
BYOND Edition by Bandock

Basic Instructions to controls can now be easily read ingame.

At least 2 players are needed to start the game each round. Max of 4 players in the playing field, so the waiting list is there to see who goes next after someone loses.

Version 1.5 (9/2/11)
Rebuilt with fresh new code.
Uses a new method to handle wall creation. It now in fact uses the 1x1 turf-based method (default icon-size of 1x1).
First version designed for BYOND 4.0 (v468 is the minimum, v489 or later is recommended due to a bug with certain earlier versions causing lower default icon sizes to eat up more memory and eventually crash).

Version 1.33 (10/19/06)
Resolution Change Support (1024x768 reappears, host power)
Score Savefiles are now automatically pwiped each version.

Version 1.32 (10/18/06)
Join bug fixed

Version 1.31 (7/7/06)
Host System changes, due to bugs that has been causing hosts not to gain any power. Any game hosted under dream daemon will decide whoever enters gains such powers. One who leaves with such powers will then try to find a replacement.
Diagonal Bug Fixed

Version 1.3 (2/13/06)
Various Bug Fixes
Gridlines can now be toggled on & off
In order to join now, you must press the join button

Version 1.2 (2/3/06)
Scores of each player that has played on a hosted server are now stored into a savefile.

Version 1.1 (1/6/06)
Game Mode Selection is now a menu again (this time allows rebooting without any problems since its possible on some things)
New versions of Fun & Realistic Mode, Intense Versions!!!

Version 1.05 (1/5/06)
Unwinnable Bug Fixed (winning broke during size compression)

Version 1.04 (1/5/06)
Game Mode Selection now just acts like a switch (due to input problems, which is a BYOND related problem, if clicked then the server reboots)
Boot Bug Fixed (wouldn't boot people at all)

Version 1.03 (1/4/06)
Game Mode Changing while Game Already Started Bug Fixed (this could allow host to cheat other players)

Version 1.02 (1/3/06)
There are now two modes to play, fun mode (allows you to pick any direction while moving) & realistic mode (much like the previous version)
Boot verb now available to host

Version 1.01 (12/30/05)
Everyone Crashing Bug Fixed (required a reboot each time no one is alive at all)
Chat slightly changed
Player List with colors now (missed its appearance in 1.0)

Version 1.0 (12/29/05)
First Public Release

Original Creators of Tron Arcade Lightcycle Minigame
Evi of au and a few others for suggesting certain ideas.
CaptFalcon33035, Guadian-X, Repsteve, and Pyro4936 for helping out finding bugs
People who had tested
People who host
Anyone who plays the game