Dragonball Online: The Ultimate Battle

by Berlin2222
Dragonball Online: The Ultimate Battle
This game is under development. V.5
Version 5
Map: 35%
Icons: 75%
Moves: 80%
Races: 80%
Transformations: 100%
Special Effects: 65%
Owner: Troj(Berlin2222)
Co-Owner: Joshott
Gm Level 4: SinisterVizor
Gm Level 3: Scarymonkeys623, Kid Goten
Gm Level 2: Savior,Demon,Craig/Jujsu, Tal
Gm Level 1: Chaoskid ,Mundi
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Looks epic
This game was online like years ago lol. Now I can't even find the source.
So you're bringing this back to life?
when u go on the game
Can I Get Host Files?
The source is lost forever. Lulz.
Then Can You Remake It Or Send Me New Host Files
Suck my dick. Why the fuck should I do all that for you. I don't even know you.
woah xD
I have this source only, never giving it to anyone unless i get Credit or a prize
Berlin2222 ,why you need my source