Bleach Demon Souls

by Blackman221
Bleach Demon Souls
Owners:Flare(Blackman221) and Renno(RyCat)

Co-Owners:Pillowpants(Trogdor15), Gabe(Hokage_gabriel), Nemo(Dragon227)

Mastah Admins:Rawwr(Alark32), LegendKiller(Jamal123), Rizing Greed(Spartan1205)



1.Racism will not be tolerated.
2.No disrespecting Gms.
3.No Spamming.
4.Do not ask for Gm.
5.No foul language(you can use it to a certain extent)using it to much will result in a mute then boot.
6.Only English on OOC(Mute,boot,then ban).
7.Listen to what Gms tell you to do.
8.This is important please just use your common sense :).

Gm Rules
1.First and foremost, do NOT abuse your Powers. They WILL be taken away from you if you do so. No exceptions.
2.Do not use your GM to threaten the players or other staff members. Usually, most problems can be solved without the usage of your verbs. If all else fails, then use them.(Or contact a Moderator that is a higher rank than yourself.)
3.Do not give certain players special treatment. This means that players stay out of areas they don't belong in and that you don't give "friends" items they shouldn't have (or that were "created").
4.Do your job. Answer questions, help players, etc. Don't just sit there doing nothing.
5.Anyone with the power to make Gms MUST consult either Pillow, Flare, or Renno before making any Gms.

We will have rank requirements decided soon.