Sonic Rumble Arena 1.5

by Blazin' Kitsune Productions
This Game is no longer being worked on! Everything is finalized!.. I'm too lazy to erase the HTML, sorry.

Sonic Rumble Arena 1.5 has returned from it's grave, and is coming back with a strike!

~Staff Members~
Name - Gender - Position - Level of GM
Inferno L Flames - Male - Coder/Multitiler - Owner
Sya - Female - Mapper/Iconner/Idea Concept manager - Co-Owner
Xeron - Male - Multitiler/Iconner - Lvl 3 GM
LXShadow - Male - Coder - Lvl 3 GM
Slashor - Male - Enforcer - Lvl 1 GM
DBZDogs - Male - Enforcer - Lvl 1 GM

What's currently in!
Two Levels, City Escape, and Neo Green Hill.
NPC Enemies, only spawnable by GMs with create.
Cars which can hit you, unless you have rings, then you just lose them all.
Rings Capped at 100 Rings
Secret areas [Which aren't done]
Two Chaos emeralds, which when you lose them scatter in the stage you died.
Emerald Detector, at the top of the screen.
[White - Far Close, Green - Closer, Yellow - You're near it, Red - Close, Very Close.]
Sonic, Amy, And Knuckles all seemed balanced. [So far]
One character is unlockable, but there are 4 others.
Currently no unlockable stages.
Item boxes got changed, it'll be one color when you select, and another when you don't.

~The Rules~

No spawn killing, or attacking in spawn [For NGH and City escape, it's that small platform you spawn in.. Once you leave it, you're out of Spawn.]
No insulting/flaming other players.
No insulting a GM
Do not disrespect a GM, if they're abusing their powers tell it to me, and who. [Sya] And I don't mean make a Jerry Springer out of it..
DO not ask how to do specials
Do not ask how to unlock characters/stages
Do not ask to be a GM, or Host.
Try not to run from fights, it's considered cowardism, It's okay to run when you're getting ganged on, if you run too much, You get chickenated.

~Guide for a newbie~
So it's your first day at SRA? You don't what to do or where to start, This guide will answer most of those questions.

To enter the game, you click on Enter the BattleField [Red Letters]. Now you find yourself on a screen with Sonic on it, well if you push -> the character mini-selector tells you who you're at, notice a lot of the spots are black, you can't pick them till you unlock those characters. If you push <- you'll end up back at Sonic. You picked Sonic, and now you're at a stage select that says "Neo Green Hill' It has a stage selector mini at the bottom, push -> to go to the next stage, or <- to go to the former stage.

Z is how you attack.
X is how you block.
C is how you heal.
A is how you emote
S is how you talk
W is how you leave the stage. [when at full health]
E is how you use item currently selected, if you have it.
R is how you scroll through your two items toward <-
T is how you scroll through your two items toward ->

To pick up a chaos emerald, or power up[item] run into it, to pick up rings, run into them.

Hope that's all! Have fun playing Sonic Rumble Arena 1.5 when it's hosted!