Naruto Shensei Arashi

by B-mut

Naruto Shensei Arashi

We are no longer continuing this project. Thank you for all of your support.
-NSA Dev team

Project closed. Repeat, Project closed.

Current NSA Staff

Bmut - Head Programmer
Shawn265 - Programmer/Host
Lyndsy - Pixel Artist
Kenji - Pixel Artist

Hub being Reconstructed.

The Second Age:

The Final fight has begun! The Legendary power of the renningan has returned and theres no one left to fight the treacherous Akatsuki.... Then you returned the last star of hope for the world will you succeed or fail in the face of the Akatsuki...

The new organization that calls themselves the village hidden in the sound is now starting to become a problem for all villages. It's leader ,the Otokage is planning to destroy the village hidden in the leaves and the small village in the snow is closely watching the entire world crumble under the akatsuki. Who will stop the akatsuki? What are the plans of the sound village? What lies ahead for the leaf and mist villages? Only time can tell.....

Do you have development skills and want to be a staff member? If yes, click here!


1.No asking for GM.

2. No bug abusing.

3. No Disrespecting players or GMs

4. No spawn killing.

5. No killing in training areas.

6. Do not post how to do C-Rank-S-Rank jutsus to anyone who isn't on your team or in your organization. Doing so will result in banning.

7. No AFK Training

8. No excessive complaints to GMs in game, Complain in the forums.


10. NO ADVERTISING! No matter who's game it is! result will be ban!

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best game on byond!!!!
Lol, well this is an interesting arguement.. What up B-Mut?
Jiraiya Itachi wrote:
Lol, well this is an interesting arguement.. What up B-Mut?

lol nothin much my iconners comp broke so untill i get my updated turfs the games down
Shadowfax 27 wrote:
mut! my comp iz finally fixed so i can icon again just get ahold of me, ill check in every day this month so if ur on u should find me no prob

Sorry i havent been checking this get on the 22 ill be on all day ill give you your next assignment. Targeting systems in and i have two iconers on summons, Jutsus and weapons. i got some stuff for you also though so get back to me
will it ever be back?
this game was oddat first. a new player would need lots of explaining. i would add a guide n maybe havestep by step stuff. map would be nice too but no biggy there. i did like the diff training systems and the idea of ele combos. but it needs to be cleared up bit. also maybe some diff turfs maybe? these almost look like it was made in paint. but really expalin things make a fourm or post on hub or something. bc i told me i had to recover when i was not told how to recover i hadto ask ppl in occ and that gets old for both new and old palyers to have to constently say press ____ and go here n u got to do this.
Dumesday, if u looked there was a thing in ur player tab called help file, and another tab called help, together those answer every question u said u had to ask and should have been answered, try looking more carefully next time
If possible id like a source code to a jinketsu based game. the ones currently hosted in byond are disappointing and could be improved much more, and made into great games.
Someone host back this game.... love this game .
can i be host
Dude its about time. I missed this game :D
I can't get in.
Naruto : Rogue is a rip of this one
arreglen los elementos
que podamos escojo nuestro propio elemento y que no sea al subir de lvl.
and if u need a host,iconner, or mapper i can do all of those if necessary my hosting wuld have to wait though til i get to my laptop....
In response to Thunder Man 00 (#15)
Leave me an email and I'll be sure to get back to you, we definitely need more iconners.
In response to Shawn265 (#16)
Alright i will asap
I can host 24/7 if you need one.
And if not....then there's no excuse for the game not to be up, with the update that you said would happen July 25th >_<
i am king! i am the king of this game i will destroyd everyone with my genjutsus! i own batman you can call me the joker from now! here me killing the batman:
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