Naruto Lost Shinobi

by Brandon_559
New Game
New Game Made By Brandon559 (Big B) and Silverlight42 (SilverLight) not much to say here play and see how you like it

Owner: Brandon559 (Big B)
Owner: SilverLight42 (SilverLight)
Owner: Haydezz (Dot™)
Head Admin: Tamm171 (Tammer Of The Peace)
Head Admin: Obito Key:Mmaster08
Host: Tamm171

Admin: Asumaftw (Snow Hunter)
Admin: Kimiroushuu (Key:BumBum007)
no other admins yet will be given at a owners are head admins discretion to players deemed worth of the position by helping in game with out verbs

Gms: Same as admin

Asking for verbs is not against rules but owners and head admins can do what they want if bugged to much

Kage Req is 100k level (only 1 per village)
Org Req is 80k level
Sage Req: 75k or at kages discretion (only one per village)
Anbu cap req: 60k or at kages discretion only can be one for every 4 anbus
anbu req: 50k or at kages discretion (no limit on how many per village)

List of vilages

Hokage: Haydezz (Dot™)
Sage: Open

Mizukage: Open
Sage: Open

Raikage: Open
Sage: Open

Grass Feudal Lord: Open
Sage: Open

Amekage: Open
Sage: Open

Tsuchikage: Gui10 (Tsuchikage Lee)
Sage: Open

Kazekage: ichigo1213 (Devin Uchia)
Sage: Open

Snow Feudal Lord: Open
Sage: Open

Otokage: Taka Bell: (Key: Reign95)
Sage: Open

waterfall hero: Open
sage: Open

Hoshikage: Kauhner: (Key: Tairee)
Sage: Open

List of Orgz

Leader: xFlamexX: (Key: Goky ss4)

Leader: Open

Seven swords men:
Leader: Open

Org 13:Flash: (Key: Hitoko 1)
Leader: Open

Sound 5:
Leader: Open

All Orgz Have Set Amounts to the org according to members of the magna or anime and if you dont know it you should not be the leader and if your go above it you will be stripped as for req the leader can set what ever req he wants and can refuse any one he wants or kick at any time for no reason

Needs more clans and Jutsus....But mostly more original