Naruto Line of Fire

by Brolly913
Naruto Line of Fire
We died there for a while, coming back, bringing back the old with a twist of the new.
Coder(s):Keidai / Nu
Mapper: Nu/Keidai
Iconer: Jutachi

1:No Asking For GM.
2:No Spawn killing.
3:No Spamming OOC.
4:No Asking For Kage Spots Without being ready.

+10 Stat points

-Important Notice-
**The game's clans are unbalanced, and once the initial update is done, there will be jutsu added to balance the existing clans, and please join the forums. Thank you.**

Update 1.1
Map was remade and repositioned fully
2 Hyuga Jutsu added (They make up for lack of techniques with speed and powerful attacks atm)
Uchiha clan balanced (Fire jutsu and Sharingan techniques)
new icons for various things
Lowered the village number to five (Leaf, Sand, Rock, Mist, and Cloud) + orgs (Akatsuki, Hebi, Seven Swordsmen)

Update 1.2
A lot of bugs fixed, added a few new clan jutsu as well as tweaking some others.

Update 1.3
-Work in progress-
-Fixing Bugs
-Fixing the Buged handseals
-Adding Slot Save System
-Adding Auto PoP verb
-Pwiping due to new save system.
Meh.... this was hands down one of the best games I ever played.