Damned Living

by CodeWeasel22
Fight the Dead, Live a Life
The year is 2016, not to far into the near future. A deadly outbreak of a virus which caused people to becomes severly aggressive, as well as become afflicted with necrosis. It would appear they would become zombies, should they become infected and the virus get enough time to infect all regions of the infected person's anatomy. It would cause the near downfall of humanity, as they fled to all manner of places, most of them eaten alive as they were unable to find a place to take shelter.

Finally, those wise few who realized that it was not possible to run forever, would band together and head for a city, a city by the name of Wilkstown, where they would start anew and try to survive the undead onslaught, and with any luck, they would succeed.

Weapons for the game so far;