by Cowdude
Try to sink your opponent's ships before they sink yours!
Try to sink your opponent's ships before they sink yours! :(

Latest update
More AI levels (AI introduced in previous update, description from last update info left below), medals, stats that upload to the hub, and some bad sound effects.

Description of each AI level:
1: Guesses completely randomly; you're safe
2: Guesses around any hits it has made before guessing randomly
3: Cheats 10% of the time (hits a random ship) before guessing around hits
4: Cheats 25% of the time
5: Cheats 100% of the time (You LOSE if he goes first)

The reason they cheat sometimes is because a good Battleship player will guess coordinates in certain patterns (every-other square, etc) but the AI just picks random spots. I tried to tune it so that level 3 was a good opponent and level 4 is like the "final boss" and level 5 is the one you can't beat without logging in a second key to see his ships.

AI! If there is only one player online, or if nobody else has moved or said anything for ten minutes (When it reboots after each game everyones' inactivity will reset, AFK or not), a game against the AI will begin when the first player joins. Even though you can play against the AI if people are online and inactive, it was mostly meant for a person to play against the AI when nobody else is online at all, so I'm not going to add a button to initiate a game against the AI when players are active. Playing against people is more fun anyway. If you want to play against people, host it. If you want to play against AI, don't host it.