Bleach Untitled Desires

by CreationXInc
Bleach Untitled Desires


1. Don't complain about Lag.
2. Don't attempt at arguing with a GM.
3. Don't disrespect anyone.
4. Don't spam the game in anyway.
5. Don't bug abuse.
6. Don't ask for edits, boosts, or GM, we have a forums for that, but the answer will MOST likely be the same.
7. Don't be an annoying player.
8. Don't kill in training places, excluding the water areas.
9. If you aren't GM, don't act it.
10. Don't slang Racism

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------
GM Rules

1. Punishments shall be handled with a warning, then mute, then furthermore unless bug abused.
2. Don't abuse GM unless it's for testing or playing around, this means DON'T edit others.
3. Don't harass players.
4. Don't be jack ass and mute on the first offense.
5. Don't bug abuse.
6. If you want a verb you don't have, ask ME, not the other GMs with owner.
7. Don't kill players for talking down on you, if it comes to it, warn then mute.
8. Don't create ANYTHING for others to use, this rule will be applied in v2.
9. The only people with all the verbs so far, are Kriszke, Rebra and I.

People working on the game.

Coders/Programmers: Me/Rinko001,
Iconners: Rinko001(They WILL suck)
Turf Artist: CockieHead(Can't use turfs yet, still on 3.5)
Mapper: Me/Rinko001

Looking for pixel artists.
Currently, this is how the game is so far-

Soul Soceity-50%
Newbie Island-100%
Classes-100%(All classes are in, need to finish Bounto skills)
Still Updating <3~;

If you wish to help, contact the e-mail:

Thanks to:
Sylph(Cheerleader <3)
Rebra&&Isashu(Motivating me)
Kriszke(Helping out)
This was unexpected, I did most of the work, Not any turfs though.