Attack on Titan

by Danny112
Attack on Titan
Will update here on my current project.
Currently working on framework development.

As of right now this HUB is mainly just to track my progress.

*I'm not really trying to release a game, mostly just want to learn how to make things work basically.*

If anyone somehow comes across this, feel free to follow my journey if you would like.

Project started roughly in December 10,2013

Major Changes:
Sunday 29,December 2013
First update blogged : Danny112?command=view_post&post=1457171&first_unread=1

Wednesday 1, Jan 2014
Chat bubbles and save files are REALLY annoying. gee whiz
Re organized interface layout. (twas very messy)

Friday 3, Jan 2014
Added skills HUD with multiple accessible tabs.

Saturday 4, Jan 2014
Fixed bugs in "Body Slam" technique
Made diagonal states for the base movement .. lets see how that goes ey

Sunday 5, Jan 2014
Completed diagonal states for movement and idle.
Pixel movement currently being tested

Tuesday 7, 2014
Pixel movement successful
Started working on polishing up macro HUD and Skills HUD
ChatBubble needs editing because pixel movement causes a minor bug on it.. blegh

Thursday 9,2014
Fixed many bugs related to combat and AI.
added one new skill(2 total now), almost bug free.
Started on a combat formula(looks pretty nice so far)
Added death/respawn checks.
also new screenshot!

Saturday 11,2014
Working macro bar saving and loading!
added both sand and mist village for HUD testing purposes.
Started on stats and defined formula system

Sunday 12,2014
Stat HUD is mostly complete. and leveling up system is working. school starts tomorrow, so a lot less progress from now on 3:

Monday 20,2014
Changing main game to "Attack on Titan" based.

Thursday 23,2014
Titan spawner, nuff said..

Banner by: Phriel

Heck yeah!! Something good besides all those damned naruto games! I love attack on titan! Would you like any kind of help with it at all? This is an awesome anime to make agame out of. I have ideas of other anime that i think would make good games too if youre interested. Just message me on Byond Pager.
In response to Gameaddicts
to play a good AoT game look up Attack On Titan Tribute Game by Feng. It will be the link with the Chinese writing.
Sorry peeps, this was just a small project I did during my winter break to get my hands wet with game programming.

I will most likely not continue this game as I am moving forward with game design on Unity in Uni