Zombies in your Face

by Darker Emerald
Shutup from your mouth and kill them zombies.
I couldn't figure what to do beside walking and shooting at nothing.
If you are hosting, you just click the host button and use the verb "Spawn Zombies" and shit loads of zombies come to literally get in your face. Nice work Darker Emerald. Can so see this turning into Zombies ate our Community, a MMO version of Zombies ate my Neighbors :D
This game looks great, but the gameplay is pretty bland. You should also hide the color-picker until someone chooses to open it.
its just a minigame for now until the contest is over, gives me time to work on the rest of the game.
For those of you participating in the contest, re-download and update ZIYF or your scores wont be stored to the hub.
Need's more content please :[
It doesn't contacts the HUB to get and set score in this version for some reason. :|

At least for me, or for everyone.

EDIT And will you please reset all the scores? Everyone worked so hard. :/
download game and try again, also read my blog on this contest to why i reseted them. sorry.
Booya for a little while, i hold the #1 spot.
Pole position = ME, I'm the don lol.
That Zaoshi's got this game in the bag.
I keep getting runtime error and it doesn't save my score afterwards =/
Zaoshi your disqualified theres no way your score should be higher than your time therefore = disqualification.
Lol wth. So I'm disqualified because I attacked zombies instead of being defensive in the corner? On forum you claimed you made protection against "cheat engines" ID:794525 so what's the problem?

Also, does that mean you'll disqualify Kaigne and Truseeker? They have at least twice more kills than GreatFisher, but less than twice longer gameplay.

Fine I'll waste 2 hours just because you think killing more than 1 zombie per second is cheating.

Fuck this. I'm not gonna waste 2+ hours in the corner afking just to get same result as others. I knew BYOND community was horrible, Kyle showed some proof of double-standard staff actions too. It seems I was right when I quit BYOND years ago -.-
Don't be mad bro. You are a better person than Kyle.
I kinda agree with Zaoshi, your score really bumps up when you jump out of a corner, of course I only jumped out a few times then retreated, then repeated. I don't think Zaoshi's score is a fake, it's reasonable if he's offensive instead of a corner camper. I think Kaigne and I kind of proved that as well.

@ Zaoshi: You had a high score the first and second time, but both of those were broken. (I know though, using an hour+ seems kind of eh...it turns into more of an endurance match.)
@ Hashir: I'm on BYOND for several years, but I see no progress or downfalls. Getting rid of Dragonball games was a good move, but same must be done with all other anime games. There were a lot of bad moves though, and not enough good ones.

@ Truseeker: I could do something more productive than sit in corner for over an hour, so I'm getting annoying when I get disqualified for using different strategy.
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