The Wizarding World

by Dazzer
The Wizarding World
A Lore-Rich, Permadeath Roleplay Game Centred Around The Wizarding World!

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The Wizarding World is a permadeath, lore-rich roleplay game which is set around the town of Willowthorn. A location which is dominated by four major Wizarding families; Buckthorn, Octavic, Dovell and Slunder. Each having their own speciality within certain fields. Despite their beliefs of one another, none of the families are inherently good nor evil. Each have had their own hero's and villains so to speak; the question really is... Where do you slot into all of this?

Dazzer! - Owner/Developer
DNL! - Programming
Zete!- Art
GHST! - Art
Gokuwarior! - Map