Wrath of Kaguya

by DhatBoiNick
Wrath of Kaguya was once known as Hatred Unleashed, but have finally progressed into something more.
After many failed attempts and a lot of mistakes, the team of Hatred Unleashed have finally come up with something new and better. Wrath of Kaguya is on a whole new level and ready to shine. Come join and have fun! There are constant events and fair Admins that are only here to make everyone have a wonderful time.
How long until were back up and going?
! to 3 hours has become a few days, when's it coming back up?
so will still be like NFF?
In response to Superkaiokensonic
yaori ik you my char's name in NFF is Ashura remember?
In response to Superkaiokensonic
Oh yeah, mhmmmm.
Do you guys need a host er somthin'?