Naruto Shinobis Of Blood

by Diffeys101
Naruto Shinobis Of Blood
We will need programers and iconers if inserted fill out an app on the forms

Thanks Darion for Leting me use your source.

Warning:The game is in a process of Re-mapping, also Re Iconing.


Naruto Shinobis Of Blood Completed 40%
Go Check out the forums! for updates in the game
We Need: Expirienced Coders,Pixel Artists
Waterlord/Diffeys101/GFX/Mapper/Main Owner

SHADOWMAN15/Main Owner/Coder/Iconer/Mapper




Coming soon to Version 2.1-New face icons,Turf Icons, And Npc's,And new Base icons.

This version will be out next week i put a great amount of work into this version their will be clans from NFW theirs some bugs to work out the icons is mostly replaced i don't care if people hate this game is a rip i confess it is a rip soon with hard word it's going to turn into a non rip when Im done learning to code and icon so Im going to be busy this past few days working on the game and trying to master the game Pixel and codeing wise.