Rock Em Sock Em Robots

by Dog Man
Rock Em Sock Em Robots
Live from the DogMan Arena... Rock Em Sock Em Robots! Fun for the psychotic family :)
What better way to get to know your freinds then to Rock Em and Sock Em?
The game is now completed. Only expect a update when a new Arena is added, which wont be often if at all.
Version 2
*Added Say.
Version 1.99
*Fixed the last known Bug (Now Spectator Mode Works 100%), The game is now Polished.
Version 1.95
*Fixed Bugs (Including the 'Infinate Fight Loop' Bug)
*"Choose your opponent" feature
Version 1.89
*Added Choose port feature
Version 1.88
*Added Watcher mode
Version 1.86
*Added Auto-Host. Player 1 will now Automatically host the game and output the Location.
Version 1.83
*Added a New Arena
Version 1.82
*Added Title Screen.
*Fixed Bugs (Should be Bug Free until the next version)
Version 1.80
*Fixed a Bug
Version 1.79
*New Moves
*New Arena
*New Graphics
*New Stat System
Version 1.1
*Battle System
*Player Limit