Naruto Shadow Mist

by Dopeboycash2007
This is my new Naruto game :D its a sweet game alot of the time theres alot of people on and its one of the best naruto games on byone !! im currently looking for a GM or 2 to help me run the game i will randomly pick the GMs it all depends on how long you play and if i know you wont abuse your power cuz if you do then your GM powers will be taken.

1.Respect the owner and all staff
2.No Noob Killing
3.No spamming
4.No illegal drug use in game lol jk
5.Dont ask for GM ill randomly pick someone :D
6.GM's dont not abuse your power or you will lose them and or may be banned
7.GM's you cannot edit your health or stats higher then 7 digits if you want them higher you have to train if your caught making them higher you will lose your power
8.Only kages may wear kage suits