Acid Rain 2

by El Wookie
Acid Rain 2
You really, REALLY, shouldn't of stepped on that Water Beetle....
Acid Rain is a game created originally by Lethal Dragon. Acid Rain 2 is my, El Wookie, remake.
Acid Rain 2 is a game revolving around surviving as long as you possibly can, against the cruel weather that is pouring down. It features a multitude of game types, most unique, and a nicely-fitting pixel art scheme that's peaceful to the eyes, and doesn't distract. Well the balloons and planes sort of do, but that's the point of them, hehe.
If you are experiencing lag on another's server, simply play on your own server. So long as you are connected to the internet, and wait for the Score Boards to update, your scores will update on all servers! :)
Hey look, I forgot to re-enable my anti hack after fixing a bug in it. Kudos to Hoitin for finding this xD
Yeah, those scores are definitely hacked.
Someone is hosting AR2?

What a lad.