Biohazard 3

by El Wookie
Isometric zombie shooting action. You have a gun, they have health. Fix this issue.
Biohazard 3 is an isometric zombie killing game. Really simple stuff, but enjoyable none the less.

Basic controls:

F- Shoot
J- Jump Over Things
R- Reload
T- Use Special
C- Change Special
G- Grab Items
Everything else (That I can currently think of), just click/right click/double click.

Don't expect any updates, unless I feel motivated somehow.
I should probably like, finish this some time.
El Wookie wrote:
I should probably like, finish this some time.

Probley a good idea =P!

Plz Online 24/7
Woo cardboard zombies
I actually had a great artist, who coincidentally loved working in isometrics and 64x64 art, who just suddenly dropped off the end of the planet around the time his work was due.

I'm SURE it was an obviously huge catastrophe (Maybe a Apostrophe, Catastrophe) that kept him from his work, and we are all grieving.
Focus on the concept of cardboard zombies? BEST CARDBOARD GAME EVER. Make it so the weapons are squirt guns, and the zombies get soggy and flop over =P

Also, that link of yours didn't work

Comments section, scroll down till you see EmpirezTeam's message.

Anyway, yeah that's pretty much guaranteed to be the best god damn game ever. As soon as I get home from holiday in Australia, it will be done.

Bonus: inc dinosaurs.