Chinese Checkers

by Flick
Chinese Checkers
Play Chinese Checkers online!
Anyone may host 2-player games, subscribers may host games of 2,3,4, or 6 players.

Version 15 - No major changes. I just made it so everyone is subscribed now.

Version 10 - Reduced the screen size so it should fit nicely on players screens now. Added board graphics, marble movement animation and a few other graphical nicetys. And most importantly, HELP FILES! :) Now all those people that have never played before won't be entirely lost. (hopefully)

Version 7 - Added in the ability for the host to set certain game parameters including turn length, maximum number of turns. The host may now choose to be automatically joined when a new game starts. There is now a host configurable maximum number of turns. When the maximum number of turns is reached, a winner is determined based on which player has the most marbles in the opponents base. If this produces a tie, whichever of the tied players has the least marbles in their own base is the winner. Finally, if a player in the game logs out, the games spectators get a chance to 'Join' the game and take over the leaving players position. If none of them join, or if their are no spectators, the leaving players pieces are deleted, and play continues from there.

Coming Soon:

  • Record keeping and rankings