Coloring Book

by Flick
Coloring Book
A simple coloring book to color.

Coloring Book

A few years ago I started working on a simple little coloring book program for my son. He enjoyed it, but at the time I couldn't figure out a way to automate the creation of the pictures. Each one took many hours to put together and the program sat around for years.

Recently, I went back and finally figured a way to mostly automate the process, and added a few new pictures

Enjoy :)
No making fun of my mad artistic skills. :P
Version History:

5- Added user definable color splotches. Double click them to set your color.
You may now 'pick' a color from a portion of your picture by double clicking it.
Completed the 'Alphabet' picture.
4- Removed a test verb. (oops!)
3- Hopefully fixed the login bug.
Added another partially finished picture of the alphabet, and the ability to switch between pictures.
Revamped the internal code quite a bit, to hopefully allow me to add things easier.
2- Non hosting clients can now see :)