by GauHelldragon
3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons dungeon crawler
A dungeon crawler with random generating dungeon that uses 3.5 edition D&D rules.

-D&D 3rd edition turn based combat mechanics, implemented in real time. Ranged combat, two weapon fighting, etc.
-Nearly all feats have been implemented, including metamagic feats.
-Many skills are implemented.. about half of them
-Spellbook system with about a hundred or so of the spells are in, although that's only a drop in the bucket really.
-Nearly all class features are in: wildshape, familiars, favored enemies.. etc
-A randomly generating dungeon, with secret passageways and respawning enemies
-A lighting system that allows for areas of "shady" darkness as well as complete darkness
-Loot generation script, including gems, art objects, magic weapons+armor, wands, scrolls, potions and rings.

This is far from a complete game, many debug functions are still in the game. I've pretty much given up on this project, but anyone is welcome to take a look at what I've done so far, or even using the code or editing it if they like.