Bot Duel

by Gerdan
Bot Duel
Write a script, get a bot and then let it fight against other bots.
In this game you get a bot and write a script for it and then let the bot fight in arenas against the bots of other players.

The scripts use a selfmade language, which is as easy as possible (documentation ingame).

Important notice:
The game reached the beta status (the game is finished and now just needs more testing), but if you have ideas for new bodyparts, floors or anything else, then leave a suggestion ingame and I will try to implement them.

if there is no live game listed, try the connect link

Special Thanks to:
DaGoat787 - he helps with too much to list it here
D4RK3 54B3R - almost every icon
Crispy - FullBan lib
AbyssDragon - SortProcs lib