Naruto Village Assassinations

by Gorrek
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Owner: Gorrek
Gm's: Boyitachi, Holybond. More spots available( please have something to offer such as iconing or very advanced coding as i am a coder myself i wont need much help)

-we are looking for any icon artist who can icon clothes and stuff.

-NOTE: this game source was not made by me. I have added coding and icons and i intend to add more. The ONLY REASON i am hosting a game in which i did not make is because the original owner no longer hosts this game.(originally made by XzDog)

-Hokage(leaf):(tournament coming soon!)
-Kazekage(sand):(tournament coming soon!)
-Otokage(sound):(tournament coming soon!)
-Hoshikage(star):(tournament coming soon!)
-Mizukage(mist):(tournament coming soon!)
-Feudal Lord(snow):(tournament coming soon!)

special villages/groups
-Akatsuki Leader:(tournament coming soon!)
-Otokage(sound):(tournament coming soon!)
-(Waterfall):(tournament coming soon!)

Some Ideas For The Future: Kage Advisers, Team/Squad Missions, Alternative Chuunin Exam Method(written part), More Jutsu, Special Jutsu earned through proving to be skillful, more ideas coming from myself and from our players!

How Do I...
-Join Akatsuki? -talk to Akatsuki inviter or prove strength to a gm.
-Join Sound? -Random When entering 3rd part of the chuunin exam, random when fighing orochimaru as a mission, or prove your strength to a gm.
-Leave my village? -currently you will have to kill another village member and then its random, but soon you will just leave as you wont be able to harm villagers.
-Increase my rank? -To become Genin, talk to the guy at the beginning of the game, to become Chuunin, you must be chosen during a chuunin exam hosted by gm's, and other ranks are through missions(other than kage which is through tournaments)
-Remove a bugged over/underlay? -Haircut
-Become Gm? -give proof to Gorrek that you are worthy of being a Gm(this means things such as good original icons). Dont just say i can watch over the game.
-Get Myself Banned? -Do anything you shouldnt have done a few times or abuse a bug one time.
-Get Unbanned? - Wait it out, ill unban everyone once in a while.
-Any more Questions should be asked in game. Do not spam your question.