by Hazman
Take part in a lawless, futuristic world...
TitanNet is a futuristic action RPG where you take the role of a person in a world torn apart by crime. The Titans, the powerful crime gangs, have been forced into hiding, but they want the power they once had back... and they'll do anything do get it.

Inside the Arena. TitanNet features two Arenas, each populated by bots and players alike, with different styles of play. Grab a shotgun and blast enemies in the CQB arena, or advance carefully through the outdoor Arena.
Just 16 of the more than 30 different weapons available on TitanNet. From the top left:
  • The Silenced SMG
  • The Homemade AR
  • The UMP
  • The Bizon
  • The Pump-Action Shotgun
  • The Assault Rifle
  • The RA XCR
  • The AK-115
  • The Sawn-off Shotgun
  • The MP7
  • The P229
  • The Homemade Semiauto
  • A Smoke Grenade
  • A Molotov Cocktail
  • The RPG
  • The Winchester

Suggest new features at DevLog, at http://hazman.ifastnet.com/devlog/


Movement is done with WASD, not the arrow keys.
Upon entering the game, you are advised to find an ATM, take out a loan of about C1000 and buy a decent pistol, clips and bullets. Load the bullets into the mags by right clicking the bullets and clicking 'Load'. Equip the gun by right clicking and selecting 'Equip'. Reload by pressing 'r'. Your gun has a safety catch! Remove the safety by pressing 'g'. On assault rifles, 'g' is also used to switch between burst and single shot. You can raise or lower your gun with 'h'.

A much more in depth set of instructions can be found in-game, as well as a tutorial. If you have questions or problems, please check the forum, page me or find me in-game. Thanks for playing!