by Hebrons
Join us In the Feauture Of Ninja

Hebrons - Pixel Artist/ Programmer

hub will be updated to provide more intel on the game in the near future.
Jutsu's should be reached at a lvl for different clans but you start with the basic Clone,Sub,Trans but for clans you learn them threw the main character of the clan

Genjutsu someone should teach you or a clan for it

Taijutsu train on logs or tree's

Reflex sparing

Vitaility Trainning on a waterfall

I was hoping of doing something different the idea of the system is not bad though ill keep it in mind but I want to see what others think also
// Ninjutsu //Ninja Techniques
// Genjutsu //Illusionary Techniques
// Taijutsu //Body Techniques
// Bukijutsu or Kinjutsu? //Weapon Techniques
// Reflex // reflex is basically defense.
// Vitaility //How Fast You heal.

-Ninjustsu is trained by using Ninjsutsu and also i remember in one of the naruto episodes meditation can lvl it too.(That should be vip priviledges)(or after u reach Jounin u get the priviledge to meditate).

-Genjutsu by using Genjutsu and also meditation.

-Taijutsu by training in logs and sparring with other players.

- Bukijutsu or Kinjutsu training Dummy (Sword).Throwing Log(Shurikens Kunais)

-Reflex by sparring and also u can train by making ppl throw shurikens or kunais at you.(With Shar slight increase reflex)

-Vitaility is kind of tricky the only ppl that were able to heal themselves were the Medic nins and the First Hokage, But u can learn skills that allows u to heal yourself like Madara. Since this is a game Vitaility should be lvl by the amount damage u take and also certain types of training should increase vitality a little like taijutsu training.
Thats what i think XD
Your post will be taken into consideration.

Thank you.
No Problem XD
Developement is going great !
Hope this will be fun and impressing. Sure it will,goodluck.
Update: A Beta For NOA will be out by the end of next month hopefully !
Looking nice
Can we get any screenshots, I'd actually like to see the icons for this game. It seems from the small pic that the base icon will have the same shape which is pretty epic.
Thanks Ganite :) , id perfer to let you see in game for your self , then i will take some screen shots of you guys playing .. but yes the base in the image is the in game graphics.
I think you should get stat points from leveling up too. I think you should be able to train stats and put points into them too.

Also add passives for these stats.
For those who think NOA is dead its not I've been working on it just low key and at my own paste and by myself cause I had to restart from scratch but anywaysive been processing the game art , I haven't done any programming on the new one yet and I will not until I have at least 75% of art done.I'll keep you guys posted on the Dev thanks for viewing this 😊👋👋✌
So this game is dead now?
No, it's still in the works.
No i think its dead
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