by Iccusion Entertainment
Out-click the others in this click-the-connecting-blocks-with-exploding-bombs game. Textmode friendly! Now with four different playing modes! Four games in one!
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Hindrance Developers
Aaiko - Programmer, Artist
JackGuy - Programmer

Brought to you by Iccusion Entertainment!
This is great game. A very fun game to play to kill time. My only request is a more challenging A.I. The current A.I. isn't even close to a challenge.

Also, I got this runtime while hosting it in dream daemon.

runtime error: Cannot read null.rWin
proc name: ComputerLoop (/proc/ComputerLoop)
source file: Main.dm,1189
usr: KEN11 (/mob)
src: null
call stack:
KEN11 (/mob): StartGame()
Topic("StartAIYes", /list (/list))