Dragonball Z Heroes Legends

by Ilywestside
Dragonball Z Heroes Legends
v1.2: Game Updated, 12 races to choose from, more than 75 Techniques, a well balanced Leveling System and alot more! Read the Hub for more info. Come Enjoy!


DarkWestz/Ilywestside - Programmer
LordMaul - Mapper
Domnic - Host

Dragonball Z: Legends Heroes is back in action in development. Updates are streaming by as the staff prepares icons for Legends patches to the game.
Dragonball Z: Heroes Legends is changing into not a game where you press macros, but into a game where you adventure. It has all the statistics needed including: Strength, Defence, Speed and Intelligence.

Theses are Rewards for members who rank the game, they are also obtained special Boosts
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Enjoy It :)
hey llywestside could i host the server i have a lot a friends and i have hosted some games before and ill try to make ur server one of the best games on byond\