Bleach:Day of Sin

by Itachi Slayer
Bleach:Day of Sin
It Is To Pay For Your Sins.

Main Staff
Owner - Gama Kurogane (Itachi Slayer)
Admins -
Enforcers -
Player Rules

#1: Dont ask for help unless you actually need it


#3-No killing at hospital

#4-No asking for gm or owner stuff without winning a tournament

#5- Absolutely no using any controling zanpaktou in hospital

#6- No SZ (Safe Zone) Killing EVER

GM rules
1.)Do not abuse your GM powers.
2.)Do not insult higher level GM's then you.
3.)Never ask for a promotion.
4.)No banning someone for no reason.
5.)You must follow most player rules. You are only regular players with special verbs.
6.)You must help any player that are in need of help.
7.)No summoning players to gm room at all.
9.)Be fair when judging. Dont just skip right to the harsh punishments.
10.)No Boosting Self or Players
11.)Have a Resonable Excuse to ban
12.).Any Violations of these rules will result into stripped powers

Captains must have a mastered bankai/shikai.
Lieutenant's must be 25k levels under the captain requirement and must have a mastered shikai.
Squad 0 Captain Commander: 400K Spot-Open
Squad 0 Lieutenant Commander: 100K Spot -Open
Squad 1 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 1 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 2 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 2 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 3 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 3 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 4 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 4 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 5 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 5 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 6 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 6 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 7 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 7 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 8 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 8 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 9 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 9 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 10 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 10 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 11 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 11 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 12 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 12 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad 13 Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad 13 Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open
Squad Kido Captain: 200k Spot-Open
Squad Kido Lieutenant: 100k Spot-Open

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Espada Requirements~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Espada Leader: 500k
Espada Co-Leader #1: 240K
Espada Co-Leader #2: 220K
Espada #1: 200K
Espada #2: 180K
Espada #3: 160K
Espada #4: 140K
Espada #5: 120K
Espada #6: 100K
Espada #7: 90K
Espada #8: 80K
Espada #9: 60K
Espada #10: 50K

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Vaizard Requirements~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Vaizard Leader: 300K
Vaizard #1: 165K
Vaizard #2: 145K
Vaizard #3: 125K
Vaizard #4: 105K
Vaizard #5: 95K
Vaizard #6: 85K
Vaizard #7: 65K
Vaizard #8: 45K

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Earn Your rank By lvling Through From Soul Archer#10-Leader it goes from lvl 50k and raises by 20k each rank

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