Pokémon: Holon Phantoms

Pokémon: Holon Phantoms
a pvp style pokemon game where you can be either a trainer or a pokemon... Random pokemon appear while walking in the grass like in the GB games....includes many pokemon inculding mew, mewtwo, celebi, deoxys, and many more
Welcome to Pokémon: Holon Phantoms. No Staff Applications accepted.

1. No asking for items that u have to buy, the only way u will get them is if the item is bugged.
2. No abusing bugs or gm powers if a bug is found tell a gm or admin.
3. No spamming u will be muted.
4. No offending Gms they will boot or ban u.
5. Do not send any offensive links like porn etc. if done u will be booted or banned
6. No asking if you can be a GM or something... APPLY ON FORUMS.
7. If you see a GM abusing powers take a screenshot and send to me(JPIMPIN)

=================Current GM's====================

- Jokerta (Enforcer/Icon Help)
- Reiooier (Enforcer)
- Brazex (Enforcer)
- Hoboman11 (Enforcer)
- Alldramaqueen8 (my sis XD)
================Current towns=============
Veridian City,Pewter City,Rustboro City, Cerulean City, Pallet Town
=======================Current Ver.==============
Version: 1.8

- Add "Check Pokemon Stats"
- Fix Evolution Stones
- Pick Your Name
- Add Safari Zone
- Fix Walk In Black Areas
- Add Oak's Parcel Mission
- Add 22 Pokemon
- Nickname pokemon
- Add "Help"
- Add moves [Thunder, Overheat, Luster Purge, Hyper Beam, Rock Slide, Fly, Sacred Fire , Aeroblast, Teleport, Quick Attack]
- Tree Of Empowerment
- Ho-Oh Tower
- Add lugia to the Rustboro cave
- Fix Rustboro house
- 2 New Dungeons
- Dungeon to fight Mewtwo
- Re-design Cerulean City
- Re-design Rustboro City

Owner/Maker: JPIMPIN
Mapper: Evanklein67
Co-Owners: Evanklein67, Shadow12343, Crossfire3, LIL EZ
Host: NickNicky
Assistant Owner: Faye_speigel,Matthew12338

===============Additional Info====================

NOTE: Most icons were copied from PNG images for a realistic look. The game looks like those on GBA. This game was made based on the source files for NBOTLS and formatted to be a pokemon game.

*Updates and pwipes are frequent.

Game progress: 28.5% finished
Still Working on this game or stopped cuz it sounds good :d ~Sinz