Real Time Defense

by Jeff8500
Real Time Defense
An RTS in the works!
In medieval times, monkeys, black elves, ogres, and giant spiders were poor, and decided that they liked the idea of getting together and pillaging towns. You are the townspeople's only hope; hire some mercenaries and get to work defending your town!

This game is a real time strategy game (RTS) in which you place units anywhere on the map and try to prevent enemies from breaking through your defenses and reaching town. Units can die, though, so be careful!

Jeff8500 - Programmer

Special thanks:
Theodis - for the pathfinding library
Disturbed Puppy - for making most of the icons in the game, namely the turfs and most units.

Version 1.46:
Unit range icons can now be closed by clicking anything that isn't a unit (not the unit menu, though!)
Shrunk the RSC by clean compiling (which I usually forget to do), you dial-up users can thank me.

Version 1.45:
Unit range is now a circle, rather than a square.
When you click a unit, the area it can cover with attacks now is displayed.
Small balance fixes.

Version 1.4:
Added new a new enemy, the melee black elf.
Messed with the game's difficulty.
Added speed to the unit/enemy click interface.
Fixed a bug in which enemies would walk where they shouldn't.
Made the icon caching system more efficient. It will now store a list of cached icons in a savefile so it doesn't have to make as many new icons in game after a while.
Fixed some layering issues.
Added some sound effects.
Added in-game instructions
Added window positioning, to fix improperly positioned windows.
Awesome. Is this Final Version?
Ganing wrote:
Awesome. Is this Final Version?

Not really. I'd probably add more content and balance it if I had someone to do the pixel art.
Lol the guy on the picture looks like Aang from Avatar :o