Dragonball z Rose of Darkness

by Jerrodmat
a new game, hosted by one of the best hosts of dragonball dark apocalypes, Plz come on in,sure there isnt a great selection but i dont have any GM yet and i need some sources if you Have one plz help me
Well this game is a new game and i am not much of a hub designer either.

This is not my source.

this is all the gms and helpers

main owners=Jerrodmat
Sawada Tsunayoshi Pictures, Images and Photos
Master admins=(none)
admin= (highering)
enfourcers= (none)

Awesome game and there will be a lot of stuff comeing for this game includeing made up races and more in vertion 4.5

For now just come and play
first ones on get hired

Members do get stuff if we are ranked like
1)free black star dragonballs 4 times and trail enforcer GM
2)free namek dragonballs 3 times
3)Free earth dragonballs 2 times

Lol A lot of space and there is nothing i am waiting for a good hub disigner It says we have a fourm but we dont i Used a source
i will help u