Critter Collector

by Johan411
Play as a villager set in medieval times you have 3 minutes to save your village from starvation by collecting and returning forest animals to your village. Be sure you watch out for Honey Badgers they are very deadly!
My GiaD for 2011!

Click here for a zipped copy(Doesnt require byond installed)

Object of the game: Help your village escape starvation, Gather up as many forest animals and return them to the village before the time runs out.
Score high enough and you will earn a place in the high scores!

Movement = Up, Down, Left, Right
Collect = + (Add)
Release = Enter (Return)

Additional Information:
Chooses randomly from 4 different maps to play.
Earn Medals and high scores.
And much more.

The sound effects are outstanding.
lol, thanks
Would be better if multiplayer :D
SoulEnvy wrote:
Would be better if multiplayer :D

Thank you for the suggestion, i may make the game multiplayer in future updates :)