Playing Card Icons

by Jtgibson
A set of four single-tile card icons for each standard suit, including an additional "card back" icon.
Public Domain
This resource is in the public domain. As such, it is free of any copyright and you may use it however you wish.

A free collection of all four of the standard suits, excluding Jokers. It also includes a set of card backs, built using a self-made card template and miscellaneous icons from my own projects and from freeware icon libraries available from the BYOND website.

Does not include any code. Implementation details are up to you.

clubs.dmi 3.89 KB Complete clubs suit.
diamonds.dmi 3.79 KB Complete diamonds suit.
hearts.dmi 3.86 KB Complete hearts suit.
spades.dmi 3.92 KB Complete spades suit.
cards.dmi 18.2 KB 28 card backs, plus 1 copy-n-paste template and 1 blank card.
  Compressed Size: 15.8 KB

Condensed sample:

The cards.dmi file (included) also includes the special template which allows you to build your own card backs. Simply take the icon that you would like to make into a card back, then copy and paste the template over top of each frame of animation (normally you would only have one frame to paste over, unless you wanted an animated card back!). Once this has been done, use the Fill tool and remove the white borders from each frame of the icon. Your card back is now ready!

Have a collection of homemade card backs that you're particularly proud of? Then by all means, make your own hub entry and upload it!