In a land of truth..heroes come together to protect their world



Story:Baineshift is an rpg game in development,you play the role as a farmer/peasent in the beginning and level up your skills and become a warrior or another class of the land.

When logging in click on the hairs to choose your hair your interested in.Once your done click on the portal..then you'll enter the mainland.Once on the mainland you can do quests,battle monsters and train your skills up and buy armours and weapons.Then press the save verb and the next time you log in you'll be loaded.

Febuary The 4th
Baineshift finally launched!
We'r happy to show everyone what we'v done so far!
Have fun and if you have suggestions post it in the forum!
-Baineshift mainstaff!

Febuary The 6th
Only 2 days has passed and we added alot of new things:
Guilds,Houses,Quests,new city's and Alot of new items and armors!
In the next update we will add magic and update some old things that has to be updated!
Also Nova Fist shall be added,We'll tell more about this in the next update!
-Baineshift mainstaff!

Working On:
Saving And Loading System
New Weapons And Armour
More ways to gain money

If your interested in being an admin or helping the game out,and have any suggestions post in the forums.

This game is all 100% made by me and my staff.If you have any complaints..or suggestions please join the forums and post them there...don't put them in game where it's peaceful.

"Give me an idea and the game can become great,give me motivation and the game will live"-Manio