Naruto: The Will of Fire

by Kakashi121
A new great game! Still In Beta testing version 1.0! Give us a try! All GM Spots are open!
Welcome to Naruto: The Will of Fire! This Game Has Been Cancelled


- Staff -
Owners :
- Jushiro (Kakashi121)
- Tammer (Tamm171)
- Seiko (Sasuke 211)
- Alex (Alradaev)
**Currently looking for more iconners,coders and GFX Designers. Contact any of the owner's saying what position you would like to fill or post on the forums.

- Official Tourny Rules -
1. No Flying
2. No resting
3. No homing
4. No AOE (Like Sawaribi)
5. No relogging (Unless non pk bug)
**Rules can be altered depending on who's hosting them.

Great game, Kakashi! xD