by Kumorii
Simple lighting system for your game!
A super simple and lightweight lighting system for your game! Includes support for dynamic colored lighting and ambient darkness!

This lighting system is the same used in my game-in-progress, Feed!

Updated to now include support for custom sizes and intensities of your spotlights!

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Uploaded this two days ago but forgot to make it public. (^8
Should be super easy to implement into your games and should also be a great example to learn about the PLANE_MASTER feature with.

Happy Developing!
Instructions unclear, Ue4 crashed and deleted system32
It says that it is an invalid zip I tried installing from byond and I don't see it under MyHub either?
I'll reupload it in a moment! I guess BYOND and .rar archive files don't play nicely. :p
Thanks Kumorii! :D I tried using the example for lighting under the appearance_flags var (atom) helpfile and it works perfect the first time but every other login it shows a white circle instead.
Fixed the upload! Should be good now!
Thanks Komurii! I definitely will use inside of my development to help me get a better lighting effect. Keep up the good work with your projects and help byond stay active. Cheers!
No problem! I'm glad to have helped you out; if you need any help or have questions feel free to PM me. Thank you and I will do the best I can, haha! (^8

And yes I read the comments. There's practically no info on how to size the light AOE to what you want, or if you're supposed to size the white light object to specific graphics scaled manually in GIMP ?
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just use transform = transform*[x] on the spotlight, br0ham.
If you want it half sized [x] would be 0.5, if you want it doubled [x] would be 2.

Shouldn't be hard to figure out for a somewhat competent programmer. This is a very simple library, afterall. I wasn't trying to make a fully featured system. :p
This isn't really what I thought it was then.
In response to Cloud Magic

sorry to disappoint, guy.

Now includes support for adjustable size and intensity of the spotlight.
Good job!