by Kumorii
Simple lighting system for your game!
A super simple and lightweight lighting system for your game! Includes support for dynamic colored lighting and ambient darkness!

This lighting system is the same used in my game-in-progress, Feed!

Updated to now include support for custom sizes and intensities of your spotlights!

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Uploaded this two days ago but forgot to make it public. (^8
Should be super easy to implement into your games and should also be a great example to learn about the PLANE_MASTER feature with.

Happy Developing!
It says that it is an invalid zip I tried installing from byond and I don't see it under MyHub either?
I'll reupload it in a moment! I guess BYOND and .rar archive files don't play nicely. :p
Thanks Kumorii! :D I tried using the example for lighting under the appearance_flags var (atom) helpfile and it works perfect the first time but every other login it shows a white circle instead.
Fixed the upload! Should be good now!
Thanks Komurii! I definitely will use inside of my development to help me get a better lighting effect. Keep up the good work with your projects and help byond stay active. Cheers!
No problem! I'm glad to have helped you out; if you need any help or have questions feel free to PM me. Thank you and I will do the best I can, haha! (^8
just use transform = transform*[x] on the spotlight, br0ham.
If you want it half sized [x] would be 0.5, if you want it doubled [x] would be 2.

Shouldn't be hard to figure out for a somewhat competent programmer. This is a very simple library, afterall. I wasn't trying to make a fully featured system. :p

sorry to disappoint, guy.

Now includes support for adjustable size and intensity of the spotlight.
Good job!