Naruto Shippuuden Storm 2

by Legacy Production
Update: Finished the opening sequence and worked on some other stuff like music, etc. Here's a peek at what is to be expected:

I realize now that I'm not going to manage to get this game done without some help.

I'm already a month behind on the release of the beta and it looks like I'm going to have to push it even further back.

I've added Hyuuga clan, Fuuton(wind) element, Lotus special skill, and I'm currently working on Sand village. Due to bugs and such the progress on the game has been incredibly slow.

I'm sorry for making you all wait, but you have to remember I'm only one person who is coding, mapping, and iconning a 100% original game that is isometric AND has a 64px icon size. If you want to apply to help just to help move things along then please contact me and I'll let you know what you can do.

Anyways, in the meantime, I'll post a list off all the new additions since the last version and get back to work. =)

Lotus spec
Hyuuga Clan
Fuuton (Wind) jutsu
2 missions
Music / Sound effects
Options menu:
master volume
music volume
sfx volume
mute (for volume)
Simple leveling (explained later)
Battle Text (to enable/disable battle output)
area labels (explained later)
shake effect(explained later)
on-screen bars (to enable/disable healthbars)
World Map w/ Leaf, Sand, and Mist available
Attribute points:
when simple leveling is off, you can allocate some points towards your stats when you level up. If simple leveling is turned on, your points will be spread evenly.

Screen shake effect:
when taking damage your screen will be jogged. This can be turned off in options

Area labels:
when entering a new area, the name of the area will appear on your screen. this can be turned off.

Jutsu labels:
when you move your mouse over a jutsu in your hotbar, the name of the jutsu will appear above it.

In progress:
Sand Village

Planned for beta:
Mist village
Village transitions
more missions
choice of starting village+custom introduction for each.
more elemental/non-elemental jutsu
stabbing weapons (held kunai, swords, etc)
swordsman spec
Yuki clan (Haku)
ranks and exams

In total, I have a lot of work to do. If you've managed to read this whole thing and not get bored then thanks for being interested i the game and I'm really sorry I've taken so long. Please remember though, I'm only one guy and I've got college on top of all this so please bear with me -_-;
Excellent work on the game so far. Definitely should check this out.
A few medals added, much more to come!
Hrrrrm... Shouldn't it supposed to be beta testing right now? x_x
Alpha testing has resumed, now with a new core and more genre based mapping, the game is going along well.

Unfortunately at the moment, all you can do is run around and punch people, but Sabb and Kr seem to be fine with just doing that... Haha!

Shutting down to get some more work done, thanks for the support!
It seems that, Dreamseeker is not enough to run what I have so far. When running the game with dream Daemon alone, everything is dandy, even when there's pre ordered mobs running about the world. However, once a client connect with dreamseeker, the whole place lags. After profiling the game, it turns out, it's how dreamseeker views isometric maps that causes this issue. As a result, production is at a standstill until the new flash based player is release, which should be able to display the map much better, I hope.
Wow, okay, lots of stuff done. New training system, new jutsu list, new everything.

The game is going to be awesome!

For example, some new intuitive design.
Wants to get into a rival village? Damn, The village guards are attacking you!

What's this? a gennin from that village is hanging around outside the village? *Uses Henge no jutsu on the villager*.
Great now that you look like a village member you can just waltz right in.
Village Guards: Welcome back!
Goodluck with the game brother, keep us updated. Mind, the game won't be much of interest until people to get screenshots or actually play the game. So don't get demotivated and keep going. :)
Suggestion was taken and I've added a screenshot from an old version. The new one will look mostly the same however we've updates to a 64px world icon size. While the base was just blown up to match the new size, turfs and objects will have much higher detail and the game wont look so blurry in 64px screen icon size.
:O, whoaaa, lols clicked on you on the SoL comment board, so Glad I did your game is a definite up and comer !!!

Will be waiting 0.0 lols!
Lots and lots of work has been done, I'm thinking the Alpha testing may just be coming out soon.

Recently done:
Medic Special Skill
Status ailments: (Poisoned, shocked, drenched, Nerve damage)
Jutsu information
Crates and locks
Item transferring

On the To Do List:
Uchiha clan and jutsu
Raiton Jutsu
Katon jutsu
Konoha village
Gennin exam
D and C rank missions
and a few more things that I can't think of right now.
More work done, here's a list of the stuff:

Recently done:
Uchiha clan , the sharingan is basically the only thing they get but it does a slough of stuff: blocks or counters taijutsu, powers up ninjutsu, gives you the chance to reverse a genjutsu and allows you to copy ninjutsu more easily!

I also added a new chooser for colors with clothing, ow it uses sliders for higher efficiency, yay!

Katon jutsu is done. Including something someone has been waiting a long time for... BURNING TREES! =D

The introduction and character creation has also been done. All I need to do now is:

Tutorial (Not so easy ;_;)
Raiton jutsu (Not so easy ;_; )
Konoha Village (easy ;3)
Missions (easy ;3 )
Gennin Exam (Not so easy ;_;)
Convert Clothing (easy ;3 )
this is going to be my new game to play soon :D hopefully you have a nice assortment of clans to pick from becuse its tiring to only have like 3 choices :o GL though
dont worry were going to have more then just 3 clansXD
For the Beta and final that is, the alpha will just have Uchiha and non clan, but non clan will e able to get medic skills, so, I guess you could say 2.
the sol badguy on the screen shot reminds me of blackstar from soul eater
@#15 Thanks? =D


Sorry for the delayed Alpha testing. A family member was having trouble with their laptop and I was enlisted to fix the issue. As a result the last bits of coding and iconning I had to do went unfinished.

I project tomorrow night or the day after, As a result though, Alpha testing will still run for a FULL WEEK.
Afterwards, Beta testing will be coming out shortly after that, probably another week after the end of Alpha testing, maybe longer. Not sure yet.

I plan on not getting any sleep tonight over this though, so the game may just be up early tomorrow morning. Not sure yet.
Hang in there everyone! I'm very sorry ;__;
It seems like the game was working fine up until I decided to host it. Even during private test hosting the game worked perfectly, now all of a sudden, it doesn't want to. Trying to figure it out., give me some time.
After the first few days it seems like things are going really well, all the bugs we're finding are easy to fix and non0game breaking. Most of them are just from typos XD

So far we've also been able to add 13 different new jutsu and updates a few of the graphics. It's time to work on some new power poles and wires for the map =D

ALSO, we're looking for an iconner some apply at the forum =D (For making the base look a bit better)
We're halfway through alpha and even though there's been some bugs, I'm really liking the outcome. The bugs have been easy to find and fix and I'm tempted to re-enable the launcher server.

I added new icons to the game, basically redesigning all the turfs to be 64x64 instead of 32x32(x2) so the world is looking much nicer. However I'm having some trouble redesigning the base icon -__-. I'll work it out eventually, hopefully I can find a good iconner because I've lost my touch these past years. XD
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