by Lestatanderson
Will You rule the world or become a slave to the world
This is a RTS game in beginning stages

We need 1 coders 3 iconners and 1 GFX

if you can do said things add dragons422@hotmail.com

there will be 3 types of ranks: non suscriber/ranker, suscriber, ranker

non suscriber/ranker are allowed to obtain these ranks: private, private first class, sarge , staff sarge, sarge first class

suscribers are allowed to get these ranks : major, general, brigadier general, major general, 5 star general

rankers are allowed to get these ranks: overlord advisor, over lord war chief, overlord commander, over lord squadron

BEcome a Strong Dwarf and excel in smithing
Be a high order of Elfs and excell in Building and trapping
Be a Spider and have advancment in trapping and strength
Become a Skeleton and excel in speed and immortality
Have a Chance to become a mighty dragon and excell in speed and strength
Become the Mighty orcs and excell in super strength and defence

Will you be the over lord of the world or lose faith and die to the over lord