Pokemon GS Remake

by Link899
Pokemon GS Remake
Pokemon GS, with revamped maps! Closed Testing..
Pokemon GS Remake
A whole new experience in the region of Johto and more.
Every map is revamped to the current FR/LG Style.
Part of New Bark Town:
New Bark Town
Another Part:
Another Part
Stat Screen:
Stat Screen
Current Features:
-New Bark Town-Cherry Grove City
-All 386 Pokemon Coded in.
-Currently only 7 Pokemon available.
-Menus GBA-Like.
-Rest of Johto, Kanto, and Maybe Hoenn.
-Hidden Legendaries.
-Different types of Pokeballs.
-And More!
Current Staff:
Link(Link899)-Owner, Coder, Mapper, Iconer
Note: This is a one man project for me to get more of an understanding of DM.
To apply for Closed Testing, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the title:"Closed Testing Application" be sure to include your BYOND Key in it :P, or MSN me [email protected]
Credit goes to Gogeta_00 for source