Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

by Loyal_Krauser
Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles
The Darkside is where memories return... The Darkside is where the truth is lost forever...
Darkside Chronicles features:
-Memory of a Lost City [RE2] Scenario
-Game of Oblivion [RECV] Scenario
-Operation Javier [South America] Scenario
-An RPG storyline game
-Leveling System
-No abusing verbs
-Intelligent AI
-Original Upgrade System
-Wooden Boxes (like RE4 and RE5)
-Money in the Scenarios
-William Birkin final form added
-New Alexia AI
-Scenarios are now quests
-All scenarios got prologue
-New B.O.W.: Ivy has been added
-Next Gen stuff added(new):
Next Gen stuff:
-Now when you grab stuff it is show in your character's back(seen in RE5)
-When you equip a handgun the icon state changes
-Lickers use their Tongue to attack you
-Archievements system like in a Xbox 360
-The updates makes you evolve into the drama


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This isn't another REO2 RIP, is an original game but using some REO2 icons and verbs, but, completely original stuff, enjoy it!

Your game producer, Loyal_Krauser
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