Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles

by Loyal_Krauser
Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles
Now you will learn The History of Raccoon city
Has been passed 11 Years since The Raccoon City Incident... But you don't know all the history of this tragedy. So let me Tell you the another history.

1st Anniversary Edition!

has been 1 year since I planned to make this game, so I added a few new stuff.

Special Thanks to Darker Emerald, because without his help I couldn't made this game.

//To download it, Last Update: 05/April/2010

Thanks to all the people who supported this game. This game is yours too. Stay tunned for Survivor

Got any Questions? my MSN is
hurry loyal
I told you, I don't help the competence, so don't ask or complain
sorry zombie, but I told you no >_>
Can i be Back-Up hoster here?
yes, only if you really can host
Hey lavi, you gonna be now the official host because Gamegame70 is fucked already, that bitchy man don't care of his own icon and weapon in this game
Well, saw your post on FB about BR2 and figured I would host one of your games while I was waiting for a reply... But none of the host files are up anymore O_o