Clone College

by Lyndonarmitage1
Clone College
My First Building Game well not entirely...
Clone College

This Game:
∑ Uses icons all made by me
∑ Is coded by me (The Only Thing I Didnít Code Was the Admin System which is the Insaynous System)
∑ Was thought up by me
∑ Is Owned By Me!

∑ No building to block peoples way.
∑ No constant Swearing!
∑ No Building out of show off areas and buildable yards.

There are now Show Off Areas where you can build and show off if you wish.
Most things can be done with clicks and Right clicks.

Update Time:
15/10/06 (Thats 10/15/06 to you odd people who use that date system instead of DD/MM/YY)
I have Now added sonds to msot of the npcs and lengthend the delays between each of their lines of text. Show Off Areas are now here, and Slightly Better Teleporters as well.