Bizlof War

by Malver
Bizlof War
Wage war on your enemies with a massive arsenal of weapons, ranging from shotguns to SMGs to pulse cannons.
The Year is 2087, and the world is rapidly changing, both physically and politically.

After the third major World War in 2061, the world is quite literally in shambles, and the government barely manages to retain an extremely weak hold on the world.

A form of semi-stable energy has been triggered within the planet after the massive nuclear war, and has begun spawning this energy at random locations worldwide. It has been recently discovered that this energy can be refined for usage in a new form of weaponry: Pulse Technology. These weapons create pulses that stimulates the energy to give off strong emissions of energy that can power these unique weapons. This pulse causes the energy to diminish, to the user must carry a substantial amount of energy to remain in battle.

Shortly after the World War in 2061, two major corperate companies known as Othromov and Uilshin have begun battling for complete domination of the Pulse technology market. As of the year 2087, this feud has become lethal. Both companies have hired hundreds of freelance soldiers from the third World War to fight for them against eachother.

The outcome of this War will most definately impact the future of which company will fall, or if the small groups of renegades will triumph over them both.

It really ends up depending on your decision.