Final Fantasy : a Quest for Power

by Master Koenorotto
Final Fantasy : a Quest for Power
Final Fantasy A Quest for Power:Is a mystical adventure through an unknown land, Gain Power: Airships, Magitech, Defeat Kansu, and his family, before they take over the world, or join them in their plot, by joining their secret organization!

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Final Fantasy Quest for power, is an Action Pounding 2d game that steers away from your traditional ff series battle system into a more Kingdom Hearts battle system, its like an video game/ or some may say anime type game giving Final Fantasy's stretch across the anime horizon, but join in on the action and build your power and arsenal
Still working on:

Airships, and other
Mechina battle equipment and
I'll list more as soon

I finish the current!
Beta stages:

Beta 0.1 will be Alpha 1.0

Alpha Stages that have
been completed

Alpha 0.1
A battle system was finally situated
All variations of the game became playable

Alpha 0.2
Minor Changes
Alpha 0.3
Major Changes
Alhpa 0.4
Graphical Changes
Alpha 0.5
Battle system and Graphical Changes

Latest:Alpha 0.6
Battle system,and some Graphical Changes,
Login System has been established, and allows up to 70 different characters per savefile

New Npc's, Faq changes! and a working
"Party System(alpha stages)" and more Races/Classes, Airships, (Coming soon, Mechina Tanks,etc)

i think its cool :D
if you wreant a gm plz make a forum where i can sign up thank you
This game looks as though it's pretty well done, with very few flaws involved. The fighting system's fantastic, unique to Byond to be sure. Though, there are a few flaws, such as the battles that occur outside of the first town, in which some beasts are simply incapable of being taken out. Or, the fact that there seems to be a building within the forest North of the first town in which no point of existance is at the time present. Having said that, even though this game is in it's Alpha Version, it's already good enough to be in Beta, and I can't wait to see how it develops along the line!