Naruto Online World

by Masterdan_P
Naruto Online World
Welcome to Naruto Online World!
Credits to DarkMoonProductions.

The *Thrill* team will try to do everything players say to make them happy.

Welcome and enjoy this awesome PVP game!
is the game down?
Is the game down again>????????
Always posting other games and shit how about bringing the server back up so we can play this instead NOW PLAYERS! WE FUSED WITH NOW OFFICIALLY TODAY! NFF with no edits, just trained chars fast. New clans like Mabatsu, Yamanaka and a third one. Updated frequently. 37 players so far. Iron Country added. Raikage rank added. Urase Clan, Monk clan added. Please join!
IGN: Sharky :D


Back round: I have played numerous RIPS in the past. I have been staff enough times to know how to use the power. I do not abuse my power what so ever. My key idea in being staff is to make your job easier. I know lot's about games like this one. I can help people, be a trusty friend, and a rival in game play if you wish.


What happened to the server? Who the hell is argon n why he ban people :O
i am a great icon,if you want me send me a message on skype @ joemian.alexis

but if your game is died send me the source
In case anyone is wanting it dont mean to spam but Sasukehawk is falsly accusing me of selling there source so now I am publicly releasing it Just trying to get it out there feel free to delete this comment with no hard feelings
In response to Joemian
we need a new iconner are you interested?