Dragonball Supreme Chaos

by McMekko
Dragonball Supreme Chaos
Will you become a hero or tyrant, or carve your own path through the turmoil.Relaxed roleplay based on Dragon Ball mythos

New era, new times, new beginnings. We are waiting for you!
Hi, I'm a player of this game and I'd like to make a suggestion for one of the races to make this game stand out a bit more from the rest.

For Mystic Gene Half Saiyans, I think that the Mystic form should be a permanent form in which the user would gain a boost in power equal to their SSJ2 or SSJ1 form ( I suggest this since in the anime when Supreme Kai asked Gohan to go SSJ he simply power up his regular form ) BUT would be able to then transform to SSJ1, USSJ and SSJ2( and USSJ2 due to it's inclusion in this game ) but with less of a power boost that usual ( for balance sake and since in DBS Gohan mixes Mystic and SSJ ).

It's just a rough idea but if implemented well it could make the Half Saiyan race a more interesting one.
What happened?
Yo please let the races like the Demon race who stay in the transformed state be able to perform the fusion dance please thats all im asking for if you can.
saving is disabled, kinda a letdown.
So guys just thought i would shed a little light on this junkie got really drunk last night and caused probs that led to him quitting and to back this up here is a light shot link of some of the pages some was his harassing me and the others was him saying sorry.

I'm coming back as Coder. I seen McMekko left me some messages while I was at work. My server will be back online shortly. Lets do this right this time.
Lol Cammris. That's a low blow bro. But in responds to your added Drama. Atleast I said sorry for my actions. However I would have never got so fucking pissed off if you wouldn't have been threatening players and Editing your self.

Which I have all Chat logs, and Edit logs of you doing so. So I don't even want to hear it. Yea, I threatend the shit out of you. I thought you was a cool ass nigga bruh. You are just as bad as Vegito9000 in a way. And that's fucked up on so many levels.

Most of the community seen your edit logs and chat logs by the way. So don't go throwing the complete blame on me dude. This isn't one sided. I told them there was two sides to this story. But you didn't have the balls to talk to me on pager when I contacted you, nor did you have the balls to log the server and try to work this out. Instead you whined to McMekko. We had total DRAMA for no reason. If you kept it 100 from the get go, none of this would have happened.

So screw you dude.
Matter of fact. Next update will have the same feature DU has. Any outdated Hosting files will no longer appear on HUB. So you can take that ghost server and shove it up your ***.

Ain't going to be no more abuse on this staff.

Have a nice fucking day
http://www.byond.com/games/Tenkichi/ FallenTacticsSerpentsofGods

This game is moving to that hub

My main keyname is : Tenkichi

You can add me and wait for game update to be on there sometime within the next 2 hours.

McMekko and I broke up. Nuff said
Ill be back dont worry and junkie will recieve what he gived. all people that going to stuck head in hes ass will smell hes rotten organs. Peace ^^