Dragonball Supreme Chaos

by McMekko
Dragonball Supreme Chaos
Come help put a end to the chaos that has unfolded. Will you help defend the universe or take it over? Now running on a Shell Server.

Updates: 05-29-2016

New Content
-Added Golden Freiza Gene
-Added God Saiyan Gene
-Beerus Race W.I.P.
-EXP Modifier
-Automated starter boost for new players
-Reward system
-New Gym icons
-New Logo
-New Skin

Bug Fixes
- Shards
- Saga Difficulty
- Hair icons
- Dual Training
Hi, I'm a player of this game and I'd like to make a suggestion for one of the races to make this game stand out a bit more from the rest.

For Mystic Gene Half Saiyans, I think that the Mystic form should be a permanent form in which the user would gain a boost in power equal to their SSJ2 or SSJ1 form ( I suggest this since in the anime when Supreme Kai asked Gohan to go SSJ he simply power up his regular form ) BUT would be able to then transform to SSJ1, USSJ and SSJ2( and USSJ2 due to it's inclusion in this game ) but with less of a power boost that usual ( for balance sake and since in DBS Gohan mixes Mystic and SSJ ).

It's just a rough idea but if implemented well it could make the Half Saiyan race a more interesting one.
What happened?
Yo please let the races like the Demon race who stay in the transformed state be able to perform the fusion dance please thats all im asking for if you can.

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