Tubes & Cannons

by Megablaze
A board game... with fireworks
Winner of Simple Development Guild's board game contest.

Click the "Help" button under "File" for instructions.

Have Fun!

Update #1:
- Sound added
- Music added
- Randomized turns
- Small graphical additions

Update #2:
- Medals added
- Volume button under Options
- Players list under Options
- Clearly marked (1~5) when adding AI
- No more Reboot when someone wins a game

Music: Kevin MacLeod
Deciding for the Simple developments poll : Ohh

What a unique game, Single player confused me till i read the help, and even then i couldn't figure it out at first, because i entered AI players +10 lol and it never said Error you cannot create this many players or anything so i wasn't sure what was wrong lol.

You should have an alert saying: You cannot make "certain" amount of Ai etc :O

This is similar to another board game, but original methods none the less, Game looks good and is very well made :)

P.S Those npc's Owned me.
Wow, my bad, I was sure i entered (1~5) in the input box somewhere, I'll fix it.
Congrats on winning the contest! Now, how about some medals or something? I'd like to make this game a part of the first SD Guild event, which will be a medal scavenger hunt.
3 medals added (1 hidden), if I add some more stuff, more medals will be added, otherwise I can't think of what other medals to add...
I hope you continue improving this. I like it.